Ardent Pittite
For fifteen years I have found my income dwindling away under his eloquence, and regularly in every session of Parliament he has charmed every classical feeling and stripped me of every guinea I possessed. At the close of every brilliant display an expedition failed or a kingdom fell, and by the time that his style had gained the summit of perfection Europe was degraded to the lowest abyss of misery. God send us a stammerer, a tongueless man.
Reverend Sydney Smith on the youngest ever British Prime Minister, William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806). Pitt was just twenty-four years old when he was chosen by George III to head the government, in a time when the economy was in ruin from the unsuccessful attempt to quell the American colonies. Although viewed today as a poor leader in the Napoleonic Wars, his economic reforms arguably demonstrated a liberalism that belies his reputation as the mythical figurehead of the Conservative Party. (via perfectcoma)